Shopping for a diamond ring for your woman of your dreams isn't easy. If anything, it's a very emotional and time consuming process. As a person, you tend to be a perfectionist in relation to purchasing a product as precious as being a diamond embedded ring. It is prudent that you inform yourself and understand everything there exists to buying bea… Read More

Despite exactly what some think, there is a right method and an incorrect method to propose with diamond engagement rings. Some ways aren't a lot "incorrect" as they are just plain clich and not romantic. You cannot just follow the guidance everyone else offers you. You need to certainly understand exactly what your girlfriend discovers romantic an… Read More

Diamonds are beautiful, mystifying and remarkable. The adjectives to explain these valuable stones are absolutely unlimited. However without a best setting to match such amazing gemstone would only make a loose diamond, important naturally however no fun to flaunt! There are numerous kinds of diamond settings for your loose diamond to actually take… Read More

Spring is around the corner and so is the spring wedding. A wedding in spring has its own beauty; color is back in nature with trees shining with new leaves, the grass is green once more and delightful flowers blooming everywhere. A spring bride has got the possibility of wearing bright girlish color to go with the colorful nature outside. So if yo… Read More

The knowledge of diamonds of assorted colorings other than greater common crystal clear has been in existence for many years. Yet, it is simply modern mining techniques which make them more readily available for jewelry designers to work with inside their pieces. Colored diamond rings are where these vibrant gems have truly made their mark and set … Read More